Health Insurance PPOs, HMOs, CDHPs Explained... Learn Price-Transparency and Other Tricks

Health Insurance Plan Designs are VERY Confusing. This Video Explaines Them All:

PPO Plans - Learn How Family Deductibles and In-Network and Out-of-Network Benefits REALLY Work.

POS Plans - Learn How Out-of-Network Doctor and Hospital Services Are Usually NOT Covered.

HMO Plans - Learn How Primary Care Physician (PCP) Gatekeepers Control IF You Can See a Specialist and HOW They Tell You Exactly Who You Can and CANNOT See.

CDHP Plans - Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursements Replace Copays... Learn the Implications.

Price-Transparency - In-Network Prices for the Same Service with the Same Insurance Differ by 500% or More Depending on the Doctor and Hospital. Don't Get Caught with a HUGE Bill.

Reference-Based Pricing - Some Health Insurance Plans Opt-Out of the In-Network Game... But There are Some Hidden Consequences.

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