Healing Sexual Trauma - A Somatic & Nervous System Approach

This is the livestream replay for my Special Topic for October 2021, all on Healing Sexual Trauma - A Somatic & Nervous System Approach. Have a listen and be sure to follow-up on the extra resources I mention during this chat to supplement your learning around this topic.

Here are some Questions/Topics I discuss in this chat:

8:47 - Resiliency in Trauma
11:32 - Fight/Flight/Freeze
14:22 - Freezing during an attack/trauma
16:45 - Stuck in Fight/Flight and not trusting your environments
18:25 - Connection to chronic illness/pain
20:49 - Intense anger
23:17 - Response to listening to this call - survival stress bubbling up
24:48 - Example of attack on the body but not abuse
28:55 - Example of sexual injuries but not abuse
31:32 - Circumcision in males and females
32:36 - Talk therapy & healing at the somatic nervous system level
38:28 - Connecting to body and sensing
42:19 - No memory of abuse/trauma
44:26 - Would sexual experiences be more traumatic because we aren’t aware of trauma?
52:44 - Connection to pain and pleasure
54:37 - Disgust, anger and fear
55:33 - Orienting and the importance of it.
58:56 - Susceptible to attacks
1:02:07 - Body-care work for healing (chiro, reflexology, etc...)
1:04:03 - How do you stop being prey?
1:05:56 - Survival stress coming up when finally ‘safe’
1:09:08 - How to start titrating and building capacity
1:12:54 - Healthy aggression/annihilation
1:14:53 - Recap on starting to heal
1:16:03 - Lying down and the trauma with it
1:18:04 - Confronting perpetrators
1:21:53 - Importance of early, healthy connection


Resources I mention in this video:

► Irene Lyon Website

► 21 Day Nervous System Tune Up

► Dr. Peter Levine

► How to find a good somatic practitioner

► Kathy Kain

► Why are some people more resilient than others?

► The Polyvagal Theory. Explained.

► All THINGS Polyvagal. Plus Q&A with Irene.

► How to come out of a chronic freeze response after repeated stress & trauma || IRENE LYON || Q&A

► Titration. Why it's important when HEALING trauma. Special Topic Lecture with Irene Lyon

► What the Heck is Orienting? (and why is it so important?!)

► What do you do when you have unresolved trauma? Two types of orienting

► Healing Trauma video series

► Healthy Aggression Playlist

► Blog - This Is When It’s Ok To Annihilate Somebody…by Seth Lyon

► Grace: A Success Story

► A Simple Analogy for Nervous System Healing


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