HE WILL BE AT YOUR FEET. The strongest subliminal to enhance female magnetism. Tested on myself!

Hello my beloved subscriber and listener. I want to share my innermost subliminals with you. They are composed by me in my place of power. I select every sound, every word, every melody for your better assimilation and greater result.

Subliminals are affirmations hidden under music, sounds, melodies that pass through your consciousness due to low volume and flow into your subconscious and act directly on it. When you listen again, your subconscious acts on these affirmations and makes them come true.

For this subliminal, I had to add and flip an additional Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman song so that the brain does not hear the words directly. Also hide it behind my sounds and affirmations. The song has a lot of female power and positive attitudes towards the disclosure of the female energy of attraction.

It is advisable to listen to them 1-3 times every day to achieve the desired result. The result depends on the person himself, it usually takes 3-6 weeks to see what you want.

Why can't you see the results?
-Be in a positive mood
-Take care of your health
- Drink your own amount of water
-Sleep at least 7 hours a day
-Believe in the execution of the subliminal
-Speak affirmations for each subliminal (I will leave it below in the description, STRENGTHENS the effect of the subliminal)

The strength of the performance of subliminals, affirmations and meditations depends primarily on our moral and physical condition.

If the subliminal did NOT work, then there were some actions that violated its work. In this case, it is proposed to listen to another subliminal or pay attention to your moral and physical health.


- Being a woman is happiness for me!
-I am grateful to my Inner Woman for giving me the opportunity to live a full, vibrant, sensual life.
- I am a wonderful, loving and reliable wife.
- I realize and show my femininity.
- I open and accept my inner woman.
- I discover in myself an endless supply of love, gratitude and acceptance.
- I open myself to my femininity in all its manifestations with love and gratitude.
- My Inner Woman helps me to be more feminine and attractive
- I allow myself to be seductive and sexy when I want it.
- I am the one and only!
- I am strong and free!
- Men bow before me!
- I am grateful to the Creator for the fact that I am a woman!
- I take care of myself and appreciate myself!
- I am grateful to Life for the fact that I was born a woman.

I do not own the rights to this music and photographs.
Peace for everyone. Namaste!
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