He FORGOT to TURN OFF STREAM! Drops 2 SLURS While Dissing DylanBurns! - The Ablenoir Chronicles

Small Streamer tries to battle his way into Twitch Politics by attacking creators like Sondsol, DylanBurns, ChudLogic & Rhyzohm...

Streamed: Apr 10-12, 2022

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►STREAM - https://www.twitch.tv/chudlogic
►DISCORD - https://discord.com/invite/z72fPaKy3P
►FRIEND'S TWITTER - https://twitter.com/IrrationalChad

00:00:00 Teaser
00:00:56 Chud Learns About MFEndless
00:05:44 MFEndless Channel Trailer
00:06:51 MFEndless' Hilarious Twitter
00:07:30 MFEndless Attacks CTV
00:09:52 More Background on MFEndless
00:11:12 Day 2
00:13:20 Sondsol Enters The Fray to Debate MFEndless
00:20:48 MFEndless Twitter Beef w/ Danabo
00:25:30 SullyGnome Check PepeLaugh
01:08:41 Rhyzohm Joins the Fray
02:47:04 Debate Ends (Aftermath)
02:48:22 MFEndless Doesn't Realize His Stream Is Still On

#ChudLogic #Drama #DylanBurns
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