Hate employee performance reviews? Turn them into positive experiences with better collaboration.

Most engineers and managers I've worked with hate their company's employee performance review process. They are stressful, time-consuming, and cause anxiety. Lower than expected evaluations can be frustrating or even be the source of resentment.

It doesn't have to be that way! Through a more collaborative process, managers and their reports can iterate, work together to gather evidence, and tackle misunderstandings early, before they are too late to fix.

If you've been dreading an upcoming performance review, try this methodology and make it a positive experience again.

Sample spreadsheet template:

PS: Sorry for the screens being a little blurry. I recorded them at the wrong resolution!

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A scenario you may be familiar with - 00:00
Intro - 02:28
Goals and purpose of performance reviews - 05:01
How to make reviews better - 05:32
Putting the methodology in practice - 06:37
Work, projects and achievements - 08:40
The development plan - 12:56
What if you reach an impasse - 25:13
Writing the official review - 27:14
Drawbacks - 28:54
Wrapping it up - 29:41
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