Half in the Bag: Spin Me Round and Nope

There comes a time in every two man's lives when they take a bunch of Glembezza, get super old, do an opening bit that goes on way too long, then watch two films on streaming. That time is then! Jay and Mike talk about two floms they watched weeks ago! Why aren't they talking about movies in the theater? Welp, I looked to see what was playing in the theater and it was: The Muppet Movie from 1974, some kid shit, something called "Honk for Jesus, Jaws from 1977, and some Teen romance film. Yes, the movie theaters are truly dead. They'll fill the screen with literally anything! Why go to a disgusting nightmare-world where you sit in other people's trash to see The Muppet Movie? So Jay and Mike watch two films of very good quality on streaming as they do and review them. Movies truly are magical. Tune in next week when Mike gets an illegal broadcast on his TV by the toynbee tiles guy who is currently broadcasting Clown Doll on all frequencies. This nightmare we call life will never end until it does.
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