Haldiram trends on Twitter after video shows reporter heckling employee | Haldiram urdu packet | SFA

Haldiram trends on Twitter after video shows reporter heckling employee | Haldiram urdu packet |


Sudarshan News Lands In Controversy For Heckling Haldiram'S Staff Over ...

5 days ago — Sudarshan News again landed itself in a controversy on Wednesday after one of its TV reporters was seen heckling a Haldiram's store manger at an ...
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Haldiram's namkeen lands in controversy for Arabic text on the ...
5 days ago — Haldiram's landed in controversy when a video went viral on social media, where a reporter questioned the popular food chain's Arabic packaging ...
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Haldiram Controversy News: Trending on Twitter - Times of India
4 days ago — A Twitter user wrote, "Haldiram using URDU print on its packet of Falhari Mixture – are they serving Halal Food to “H”?”.
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Haldiram controversy: “Why is 'Urdu' written on Falahari Mixture packaging?”
5 days ago — Yesterday, on Apr 6, 2022, a Sudarshan TV channel reporter pointed out to a Haldiram employee after looking at the back of a Falahari Mixture ...
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Netizens Laud Haldiram's Staff For Her Amazing Restraint After Reporter ...
6 days ago — Netizens Laud Haldirams Staff For Her Amazing Restraint After ... "Aap ko Urdu hi kyun padhni hain, ma'am? ... Haldiram Urdu controversy.
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Haldiram trends on Twitter after video shows reporter heckling employee ...
5 days ago — Amid the meat ban and halal food debate, Haldiram's was also embroiled in a controversy over the packaging of one of its snacks.
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Haldiram's Reacts To The Controversy About Arabic Language Written On ...
4 days ago — In the viral video, the reporter claimed that Haldiram's used animal oil just because it had Urdu language printed on packet.
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'Urdu on Haldiram's Packet' Claim is Less Fact, More Sudarshan News ...
6 days ago — With the onset of Navratri, far-right television channel Sudarshan News raked up yet another controversy with its Editor-in-Chief Suresh ...
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