Guide to G4S Security Interview Questions and Answers (How to Pass a G4S Interview)

If you have an interview for G4S you need to watch this video as it contains a detailed guide to how to prepare for an interview at G4S by revealing the interview questions that G4S most commonly ask and showing you how to answer these. The video will also teach you about the business that G4S runs and the history of G4S. Whether you are applying for a job in Area Security, custody, prisoner transport, as a custody officer or security officer or really any role in G4S you will find useful answers and tips in this video.

0:00 Start
0:08 How to pass a g4s interview
1:02 What do you know about g4s?
3:49 What is your availability?
6:10 Can you work weekends/overnight?
6:51 Why are you leaving your last job?
9:58 When could you start?
10:52 Tell me about your work experience
13:48 Where Do You See Yourself 5 years from now?
17:18 Questions that You can Ask G4s at the end of your job interview…
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