Gridiron 64 Podcast (Episode #8 Part 1 The Interview)

The Gridiron 64 crew Gabriel Trevino, Johnny Zavala, Tony Pena and Steve Cantu interview CC Veterans Memorial Eagles Athletic Coordinator/Head Football Coach Ben Bitner.
Agenda (Q&A) with the coach
1. Durette going into week 7 is 105-166 for 1229 yards with (15) (TD's) and only one pick. What has Durrette done for your team team that's really set him up for success?
2. De La Pena and Guerrero have been the two biggest passing threats with a combined 53 catches and 11 TD's. Did you see something earlier in the season that lead you to believe that your passing attack could be this effective?
3. As a team you guys are averaging 47 points a game and giving up 15 points a game. Could this team get better? and in what would you like to see them improve?
4. What brought you to Veterans Memorial to be the head coach for the Eagles?
5. what kind of offense do you run?
6. Who are the offensive players to look out for?
7. Who are the defensive players to look out for?
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