Graduate Software Engineering Resume That Got Me a Google Interview and My First Job (Not At Google)

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay in videos - this one took a little time to edit! Didn't realise how hard it would be to block out my phone number and email address... But it was!

Anyway, today I have found for you a CV.. But not just any CV, it's my first ever no experience software engineering CV that I used to apply at Google and get an interview. I also used it to apply at Datacom and get my first ever job as a graduate software engineer.

My top tips if you're interested in applying at Google by the way, as they have reached out multiple times to me:
1. Do Google Code Jam Programming Competition - firstly, it helps you practice the sort of questions you might be asked in an interview and use different algorithms and secondly I seem to get contacted reasonably often after I participate.
2. Learn something relevant to Google and show it on your CV - data science is a huge part of what goes on there so if you have niche skills in AI, machine learning or anything similar it's probably going to make you stand out
3. You're going to need to know your algorithms and data structures to pass an interview so get studying and practicing common interview questions so that you can recognise which algorithms/data structures suit different types of problems

I will talk a little bit about what I included and why on this very short resume, and why I think it was beneficial to me while I was job seeking. My updated CV actually isn't too different to this... Just with a bit more about my work experience and side projects.

My name is Chelsea and I started studying software engineering in 2010. I have been working commercially full time since 2014 and have been in various positions from graduate developer to tech lead to solution architect.
I'm a full stack developer with a lot of experience in C# and Javascript but my passion is for mobile development; specifically native iOS development and cross platform using React Native.

I always have many things on the go and am always trying out a new side hustle and failing at it; perhaps you can learn from my mistakes!

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