Gourlay Business Ethics Panel Discussion – 2021

How Australian business is tackling modern slavery

Welcome to the 2021 Gourlay Visiting Professor of Ethics in Business discussion. Prof Andy Crane from the University of Bath in the UK, is recognised as the world’s leading business academic on the topic of modern slavery. Prof Crane joined Australia-based experts Alex Coward from Pillar Two, a leading authority on modern slavery, supply chain transparency and stakeholder engagement, and Laura Gaspert, Ethical Sourcing Manager at Bunnings, to discuss how slavery, ethics and human rights are being addressed by Australian businesses and how COVID-19 is affecting efforts to end modern slavery as global supply chains face major disruption.

The panel was facilitated by Associate Professor Ben Neville, Gourlay Fellow of Ethics in Business; Associate Professor, Faculty of Business & Economics, University of Melbourne; Deputy Director, Melbourne Climate Futures.
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