Google killed the best product they ever had

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This one kind of hurts. I liked Google Inbox. Many people did, and most reviews were positive to prove it. There was also a general outcry when it shut down.

It almost got me to enjoy email altogether. And then, of course, Google turned it off. Back to square one, to traditional and burdensome email. If you think the Gmail app is friendly enough these days, just know that it is largely thanks to Inbox.

Features like snoozing messages, auto-generated bundles, or the somewhat creepy but helpful suggestions of smart replies; were first implemented on the Inbox app. And, somehow, they felt more organic and fresher than now on Gmail.

So, let's remember yet another addition to Google's prolific list of deceased projects and companies. One that was good and ultimately got sacrificed to make Gmail what it is today. Welcome to Company Forensics.

0:00 Google Inbox - Intro
0:46 Google Inbox - Reinventing the wheel
2:08 Google Inbox - A breath of fresh email
3:47 Google Inbox - The magic of snooze
6:03 Google Inbox - Goodbye Cool Email

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