Google Employee REACTS to Glassdoor Reviews

Have you ever thought about what other employees think about the place you work at?

Well, as with most things, there is a website for that! In this case, that's Glassdoor. In this video, I go through and react to some of the many reviews that people wrote about working at Google. As a Googler myself, I offer you my honest take on each of them.

00:00 Intro
00:29 Average Google Rating
01:15 "Brilliant benefits"
02:28 "Buddha's face with a scorpion's heart"
05:12 "Alright, but boring"
05:51 "High-performance demands, great colleagues, supportive environment, high compensation
08:21 "First class company culture and inclusivity"
09:31 "Very hard to trade for anything else!"
10:40 "Software Engineer"
12:16 Review Summary
13:51 Outro

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