Good Public Speaking Subliminal (For School/Job Interview)

- P L E A S E W E A R H E A D P H O N E S -

Be a GOOD Public Speaker

I highly recommend listening 5 times daily or more for better results

Can i download? : Yes you can, but make sure the audio file is wav. Mp3 files will not work!!!

What are subliminals? :

Subliminal messages are messages sent directly to the impressionable subconscious mind, where they're rapidly absorbed and used to create positive, lasting change

Speaking to this group, I find myself becoming energized and excited.
I have so much to say and can’t wait to share it.
Words and thoughts come effortlessly to me.
I connect with the audience so naturally.
I am courageous on this stage.
My message is so important, and the group wants to receive it.
There is a powerful flow of energy between me and the audience.
I enjoy hearing the sound of my own voice.
I am grateful for this opportunity to connect with others.
Today, I am fearless.
I have transformed fear into joy.
I enjoy presenting and sharing my ideas.
My words can have a positive effect on other people.
I can’t wait to practice this new skill of public speaking!
Today, I’m making a difference by being brave.
I am a powerful, inspiring speaker.
I am more and more comfortable speaking in front of others.
I’m confident and comfortable.
I’m sincere with my words and going to have great results.
Today, I expect success.
I am a confident public speaker.
I am relaxed when speaking publicly.
I am at my best when speaking to a large crowd.
I am excited and positive when giving a public speech.
I am a naturally calm public speaker.
I am a great public speaker.
I always speak calmly and clearly.
I am fearless when speaking to large crowds.
I am a successful public speaker.
Others admire my ability to speak publicly.
Public speaking is easy for me.
I enjoy speaking to large groups.
I am a natural public speaker.
I have a powerful and confident voice,
Others admire my ability to get up and deliver a great speech.
Public speaking energizes and excites me.
I love talking in front of people.
I am naturally calm when I speak.
People see me as someone who is a great speaker.
I find public speaking to be easy and enjoyable.
I am a brilliant public speaker.
I hear a roar of applause as I stand proud and confident in front of my audience.
My message is clear and well received.
I am embraced by my audience.
I easily connect with the audience.
I choose to be courageous and speak in public.
I speak with clarity and power.
My memory is sharp at recalling the key points of my speech.
My body moves naturally during my speech to enhance my message.
I choose to be calm and relaxed in front of my audience.
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