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Discover how American investors are safeguarding and securing their retirement savings with physical Precious metals

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What is a Gold IRA rollover
The IRS allows Investors to hold physical Gold and other Precious metals inside individual tax preferred retirement accounts (IRAs) as part of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.

While traditional IRAs are limited to stocks and mutual funds, self-directed IRAs allow for tax-preferred ownership of asset classes like real estate and Gold.

In a self-directed IRA physical Gold is held in your name by a third-party Custodian in the same manner that the securities in your existing retirement accounts are held in your name by a broker-dealer.

IRA-approved Precious metals include Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium.

IRA-acceptable Precious metals fall into two categories:
~ Coins from Government mints
~ Bullion bars and Coins of a specified fineness

Gold IRA tax rules
Inside a Gold IRA there is no distinction between short-term and long-term capital gains.

Capital gains are never taxed as gains on collectible items. In other words, Precious metals held inside an IRA are never subject to the automatic 28% tax rate for collectibles.

When distributions are taken from the Gold IRA they are treated as ordinary income at the Investor's tax rate.

401k to Gold IRA rollover
A 401K rollover is one of the ways to transfer funds from one retirement account to another.

The originating account for the 401K to Gold IRA rollover must be from a previous employer.

Investors are unable to transfer a currently active 401K while they are still employed.

Convert 401K to physical Gold
Converting a 401K to physical Gold is a straightforward process.

There are two areas of risk that Investors need to be aware of with a 401K to Gold IRA rollover:

1) If you take personal possession of funds from your 401K you have 60 days to redeposit those funds.

2) Some Gold IRA companies will try to sell you 'Investment grade' Coins. These Coins are a great deal for the company but not for you.

How to move 401K to Gold without penalty
~ Rollover ~
In a 401K rollover the Investor never takes possession of their retirement funds. The monies are transferred directly from one retirement account to another so there is no risk of triggering the IRS penalty for early withdrawal.

~ Transfer ~
In a 401K transfer the Investor takes possession of their funds and has 60 days to deposit those funds in a new retirement account.

Any funds that aren’t re-invested within the 60 day window will be counted as income and will be subject to early withdrawal penalties.

In addition to 401(k) accounts, it is also possible to transfer these types of retirement accounts into a Gold IRA:
Roth IRA

Best Gold IRA companies 2021
These are the key factors to consider when choosing the best Gold IRA company
~ An A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau
~ 10 or more years in business
~ An insured depository
~ Segregated storage of metals

Gold IRA reviews
There are several resources we can use to evaluate Gold IRA companies and their Custodians:
~ Better Business Bureau (BBB)
~ Consumer Affairs
~ Google Reviews
~ TrustLink
~ Trustpilot

These companies collect consumer reviews and make them available online.

Gold IRA fees
Because the assets in a Precious metals I-R-A are physical, there are fees involved that don’t exist with a Traditional I-R-A:
~ Account setup fee
~ Broker fee to buy metal
~ Annual fee for storage of metal
~ Broker fee to sell metal at distribution time *
* Investors can avoid this fee by taking distribution of the physical metal instead of cash

Best Gold IRA
The best Gold IRA is the one that the Investor feels comfortable with based on their unique Investment objectives.

Some Investors will choose their ‘best’ based on the location of the depository, while other Investors might give the ‘best’ designation to the candidate offering the juiciest promotion.

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