Godwin's Wife Can't Keep Her Hands Off Him | Duck Call Room #203

Godwin was away from Paula for too long and it shows. After his constant misfortune on a recent hunting trip, he's excited to be back home in Paula's arms — as seen in this episode. Paula makes fun of Godwin's ability to put up Christmas lights and the time they took their dog to see lights. Martin is upset at Godwin's friends for eating snacks in front of him, and Paula hides her cheeky grin since she ate snacks while he was out of town. The fans reopen the air fryer debate for Godwin and ask for career advice while still in college.

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About Duck Call Room:

The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.

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