Global National: Jan. 6, 2023 | Canadians stranded in Mexico following cartel violence

In tonight's top story: Canadians travelling abroad in Mexican state of Sinaloa are taking caution at the advice of Transport Canada, as the arrest of an alleged cartel leader and drug trafficker sparked violence in the region. Heather Yourex-West reports on the Canadians struggling to return home safely amid non-essential travel advisories.

And Statistics Canada says there was a significantly larger boost to job openings to end 2022 than initially projected, but there is also data which highlights persisting labour shortages amid a high cost of living. Mackenzie Gray breaks down the numbers from the new report, while Touria Izri explains how a recent influx in immigrants could be crucial to filling Canadian job openings.

Russia's proposed ceasefire of the war for Orthodox Christmas did not stop violence in Ukraine, and both countries' presidents are blaming each other for the continued fighting. Redmond Shannon looks at why the Kremlin's proposition failed to put a temporary pause to the war.

Plus, bees are critical to the agriculture industry in Canada, but remain vulnerable to bacterial diseases which can wipe out entire colonies. Mike Drolet reports on a newly developed vaccine approved by the U.S. to keep honeybees healthy, and the Canadian researchers looking to make a buzz of their own.

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