Gilkey Executive Lecture Series presents, Laura Orvidas

After a 19-year career at e-commerce giant Amazon, where she served as vice president of consumer electronics, Laura Orvidas joined onX as CEO in 2018. onX is a pioneer in digital outdoor navigation, bringing outdoor experiences to life with our apps, so users can better find, safely experience, and later relive their adventures. Founded in 2009, onX has grown rapidly from a one-person start-up to a staff of nearly 300 people. The company has also expanded its suite of apps to now include its flagship product for hunters, a second app for off-roaders and power sports enthusiasts, and a recently released app tailored to human powered adventurers-like hikers, backpackers, and backcountry skiers and split boarders. Because off-the-beaten path experiences are at the heart of what onX does, the company also leads initiatives to protect and expand access to public land and promote stewardship opportunities. By 2023, onX is committed to securing or improving access to 150,000 acres of land and restoring or building 150 miles of trails.

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