Gig Economy News in 13 minutes (June 4th, 2022)


00:00:00 Intro.
00:01:30 Mike Hruby (staying an Independent Contractor).
00:04:45 Rate or tip First?
00:08:15 Lyft is cutting costs across the board.
00:09:00 How are Lyft passengers covered in an accident?
00:10:30 7 reasons why NYC all Tesla rideshare is a hit.
00:11:15 Uber's Memorial Day "Take a ride on us" promo.
00:12:00 Pedro Doordash Santiago's 2022 Inaugural Gig Worker Conference.

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1. Autonomous Vehicle Evades Police Officer:

2. Seattle City Council to consider ‘Pay Up’ measures to address gig worker pay, rights:

3. Uber loses appeal as top Swiss court rules company is an employer:

4. The Delivery Market Is Coming Down From Pandemic Highs:

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