Getting things just right! - Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

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I am a city planner because I loved SimCity while growing up. I have enjoyed figuring out simulation and tycoon games since before I can remember. Even now in adulthood (if you can call me that) I still enjoy nothing more than spending a few cosy hours with a simulation game, you know those that require a bit of thinking. You will see stuff like Airport CEO, Cities Skylines, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, Banished, Project Hospital and anything else new and exciting in that genre on this channel. The focus, you guessed it, to figure things out and constantly improve.

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In this series we have a look at the major new updates for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. WR:SR is an intensive city builder and resources tycoon hybrid. You plan and build your city, but also manage the economy of your glorious soviet republic. This includes, managing workers and resources to create or import what the republic needs and to export the surplus and maintain a healthy bank balance. In this series we go so far as to manage electricity infrastructure and fuel for vehicles. It is awesome, trust me.

We also try our hand at an adapted Cosmonaut Challenge.

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