Getting NYCPD Emergency Dispatchers the Workplace Rights They Deserve | New York Employment Law

In 2013, the NYCPD emergency dispatcher felt disadvantaged and disenfranchised. The workforce, which was more than 90% female and women of color, felt forced to work. They wanted to ensure they were receiving the same access to their rights which is why a group of the workers joined together to bring their issues forward. Gail R. Williams, a dispatcher with a total of 28 years of total city service experience, discusses how the group emailed a variety of law firms in hope of receiving guidance for their issue.

Many of the firms focused on the costs and the group's ability to pay for the service. Sam Maduegbuna had a different approach. Sam was able to guide and give clarity on what was needed in order to achieve a successful outcome. Sam and his team consistently made the group feel important, up to date, and pleased with their treatment. To this day, they are happy to know Sam is in their client and recommends him to anybody who feels like their issues aren't being heard.
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