Get Hired in Consulting Episode 2: Consulting Graduate Programme

Want to get on a Consulting grad scheme? Need some application advice and motivation? This video is for you!

In episode 2 of 'How to get hired in Consulting' I cover everything you need to know to secure your dream Consulting grad job on your dream Consulting grad programme.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Finding the right Consulting grad programme and know your deadlines!
01:17 Submitting your online application
01:58 Passing the tests
02:36 Assessment Centre
02:50 Group task
04:00 Case study presentation
04:48 Final interview
05:30 Pros and cons of being a Consulting Analyst on a Consulting grad scheme
05:42 Pro no. 1: training
06:21 Pro no. 2: support network to manage your transition into Consulting
06:43 Con no.1: Tough promo competition
07:09 Con no. 2: being an institutionalised Consultant
08:03 Final thoughts

In this video we'll be covering:
- How to find the right Consulting grad programme
- How to make sure you don't miss the deadline
- Know if you're eligible
- Tips for submitting your online application and how to avoid basic mistakes
- What tests you can expect and how to pass them
- How to pass the Assessment Centre from the Group Activity to the Case Study presentation
- The pros and cons of coming to Consulting as a graduate analyst

Coming to Consulting as a graduate can offer a really great way to enter this profession but navigating the entry process can feel pretty overwhelming. That's where this video is here to help.

If there's something you want to know that's not covered in this video, feel free to ask questions in the comments and I'll happily answer them!
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