Germany Job search Tips from Home country. Job search in Germany. Salary negotiation in Germany.

Tipy for searching Job in Germany from your home country.
Job search in Germany.
How I got my first job in Germany.

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--------------- Contents of this Video ----------------------------------------------------------
00:00 - Intro
00:22 - 2021 Changed scenario
00:54 - Job application tips
01:50 - Best time to send your application/Documents
01:46 - Work Experience required
02:15 - Use Mail Schedular
02:30 - Make Excel sheet of all jobs applied
02:50 - How I got my Job in Germany
03:42 - Check Interviewer's profile one day before on Xing or Linkedin
04:02 - Salary Negotiation
04:30 - Minimum Salary you should try for
04:48 - JSV Age requirement
06:15 - JSV for MBA

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