Genesis 1-3, Moses 2-3, Abraham 4-5 -- Part 2 : Dr. Joshua M. Sears

Dr. Sears returns and teaches how God's naming pattern helps identify a creation's purpose and how God can organize and create meaning out of chaos, and how that applies to our individual lives and trials. You will come to understand the Creation, the grand vision of Moses 1, and God's love in powerful new ways in this episode.

Show Notes (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese):

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"Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise" by Marshall McDonald

00:03 Welcome to Part II
00:07 Clarification on the use of the Hebrew Elohim
04:49 Differences in Creation accounts
07:31 Water in creation account
09:56 Four rivers mentioned
15:25 Review of where the Book of Moses and the Book of Abraham came from
21:17 The Joseph Smith Clarification or Joseph Smith Illumination
21:55 Begin by comparing the Creation stories
24:24 Third person vs. first person point of view
25:48 The Divine Council
29:52 God the Father and God the Son
32:25 Four versions of the Creation are different testimonies, like the Gospels.
36:04 The Purpose of scripture
39:44 God “broods” across the face of the water and God organizing
45:53 The purpose of Creation
49:23 Dr. Joshua Sears shares his testimony and his academic journey
57:25 End of Part II
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