GDPR compliance in Fed4FIRE+

Fed4FIRE+ aims at establishing the largest federation of Next Generation Internet (NGI) testbeds by federating multiple testbeds. As any other European data controller and processor, Fed4FIRE+ partners must comply with the obligations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’).

Although each testbed provider has appointed its own DPO, each experimenter that uses testbeds must also comply with the GDPR if he/she/it processes personal data during the experiment. In this context above, the experimenter is considered a controller under the GDPR, while the testbed provider its processor.

More info at: https://www.fed4fire.eu/gdpr-compliance-in-fed4fire/

Intro: (0:00)
GDPR-Subject Matter: (1:23)
Material Scope: (6:30)
Territorial Scope: (8:38)
The key players: (10:31)
The key principles: (14:40)
Lawful purpose: (19:40)
Data Protection by Design and by Default: (22:28)
Data Subjects' Rights: (24:31)
Automated Decision-making: (25:47)
DPIA: (26:54)
Data Breaches: (28:33)
International Data Transfers: (32:25)
Dynamic Compliance: (35:00)
Checklist for Implementers: (35:15)
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