Game 25: Montreal Canadiens vs. Colorado Avalanche | Game Over: Montreal

To recap the game between the Montreal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche, Game Over: Montreal host Andrew Berkshire is joined by co-host of the Staff and Graph podcast, analyst for Daily Faceoff and The Hockey News, and former New Jersey Devils employee; Rachel Doerrie, alongside the host of the PDOcast, and EP Rinkside columnist; Dimitri Filipovic.

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The Montreal Canadiens played a pretty boring game in a loss against the Colorado Avalanche, and there wasn't too much about the game specifically to talk about, so we went into a deep dive on the future of the Canadiens.

What's the plan with Cole Caufield and Mattias Norlinder? Should there be more transparency about it?

Andrew, Rachel, and Dimitri go in on the Canadiens' search for a general manager, and the path to rebuilding what appears to be a broken franchise.
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