GAINING ALTITUDE (PEACEKEEPERS IN ACTION) - Arma 3 player-created scenario (SP/COOP)


created by DoctorOktobofest

download link/steam workshop

DLC/MODS ARE NOT required to play this scenario

The trial over the Orecastro tragedy was due to take place October 15, 2034, it was decided to hold it in the capital of Malden La Trinite. But someone shot down helicopters with a delegation that should be representatives of different sides. Among the delegates, the UN Security Council is primarily interested in the condition of their employee Edward Evans. As we know, he has a lot of refuting information on the version of events provided by the rebel organization "Freedom and Independence Army" (FIA).
The UN Security Council has put forward for the search and rescue operation 7th platoon of the Task Force ZEAL their task is to save the delegation at any cost.
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