G. Weyl, K. Sills, P. Gebheim: New Info, Money, Rights, Contracts, Privacy | Gaming the Future Ch. 5

Glen Weyl, Kate Sills, Paul Gebheim: New Info, Money, Rights, Contracts, Privacy | Gaming the Future Ch. 5

Link to the chapter: https://foresightinstitute.substack.com/p/improve-cooperation?s=r

Glen Weyl is is co-creator of quadratic voting, a collective decision-making procedure designed to allow fine-grained expression of how strongly voters feel about an issue,[2] and quadratic funding, a method of democratically disbursing resources.

Kate Sills is a software engineer at Agoric, building composable smart contract components in a secure subset of JavaScript. Previously, Kate has researched and written on the potential uses of smart contracts to enforce agreements and create institutions orthogonal to legal jurisdictions.

Paul Gebheim has spent the better part of 20 years creating software that gets stuff done, makes things go, shows you what's up, or keeps you connected. Recently he also helped to build a company based in the foundation of real life connection and the principal: It has to feel good to be good.

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