Future of Building Wealth Book Launch Event

This is a recording of a virtual event hosted by on the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on September 30, 2021. Download the book at futureofwealth.org.

Over the past 30 years, racial, gender, generational, and educational wealth gaps have grown – undermining the resilience and upward mobility of families as well as the economic growth of our nation. High levels of economic inequality have, historically, preceded and prompted an update of our social contract, as the extensive reforms of the Progressive Era, New Deal, and Great Society powerfully suggest. Have we reached another one of those inflection points in our history? Could we reimagine how families save and accumulate wealth in the wake of growing inequality, a pandemic, an economic downturn, and a national moment of racial reckoning?

It may be too soon to label this era of historic social and economic reform—but it’s not too early to offer new ideas that could underlie those reforms. Within this context, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program are pleased to publish, “The Future of Building Wealth: Brief Essays on the Best Ideas to Build Wealth—for Everyone.” This book pulls together 63 original essays featuring 106 invited contributors, offering some of the best, most promising, and novel ideas to build or rebuild the balance sheets of struggling U.S. families. The full book can be accessed at futureofwealth.org.

Watch for a conversation with the book’s editors and a few of its authors. It is our hope that you walk away with ideas, tools, and approaches to grow wealth inclusively across the United States — and help people achieve greater levels of economic resilience and upward mobility.

The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program thanks the Citi Foundation and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth for their support of this event.
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