Fuse Research Programme Meeting - Impact of social prescribing on health and wellbeing

What can we learn about social prescribing from a large-scale multi-methods study?

Research Programme Meeting led by the Healthy Ageing and Health Inequalities Fuse Research Programmes.

About this event

This half-day event concluded a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) evaluation of a social prescribing intervention for people with Type 2 Diabetes in North East England. A series of presentations outline findings relating to health outcomes, health-related quality of life, healthcare usage, assessment of cost effectiveness and the examination of the lived experiences of those delivering and engaging with the intervention.

Participants had the opportunity to engage in open discussion about the challenges and opportunities of social prescribing with an expert panel from academic, voluntary and community, practitioner and policy sectors.

This recording is for anyone with an interest in social prescribing and health interventions aimed at addressing health inequalities, including colleagues in academia, public health, social care, healthcare and the voluntary and community sectors.

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Running order:

00:00 - 15:17
Welcome, introduction, study background, context and overview - Professor Clare Bambra and Dr Nicola O’Brien

15:55 - 35:35
Outcomes, costs and “valuing” social prescribing - Professor John Wildman

37:00 - 1:09:35
Experiences of social prescribing: link worker and client perspectives - Dr Bethan Griffith, Dr Kate Gibson and Professor Tessa Pollard

1:10:30 - 1:25:50
Experiences of social prescribing during the COVID19 pandemic - Dr Stephanie Morris

1:27:14 - 2:26:47
Panel Presentations and Discussion.
What implications do these findings have for the future of social prescribing in the UK?
Panellists: Jane Hartley, Martin Cattermole, Professor Chris Drinkwater, Dr Stephanie Tierney and Dr Kerryn Husk

2:26:47 - 2:31:42
Close - Professor John Wildman
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