FULL VIDEO: Sheriff Jared Rigby interviews Lucas McTaggart

Rigby: We’re doing an internal affairs investigation for Heber City Police Department.

Rigby: Whether it’s an IA or you want to call it an administrative review, or whatever it is, it’s the same thing.

Rigby: What makes you think, though, that the way you perceive it is the way that it is?

Rigby: That’s what we’re doing. We’re doing an IA.

Rigby: That might have been your perspective at the time, but it’s been found to be false.

McTaggart: We’ve been taught specifically to not grab people by the throat.
Rigby: No, I disagree. You’ve been taught to not do a chokehold.

McTaggart: What you’re saying is not changing my perspective of what I saw. Nothing’s going to change that. That’s why we’re here, right?
Rigby: Well, Lucas, it really comes down to the future - your future in the police department. So you can dig in your heels and say, “This is how I feel and no one’s going to change, and okay, that’s your decision. You just won’t get any trusted positions having to do with DT and use of force, and sergeant, and those kinds of things, because you’re not willing to learn and be open minded to it.”

Rigby: It doesn’t even rise to the level of use of force! Because it doesn’t meet the definition. Maybe it needs to be changed. Heber City ought to go through that.

Rigby: I’m not through with the investigation

Rigby: This is the determination. You’re gonna have to wrap your mind around it, and then from here on out in that direction, at least if you’re going to work for Heber.

Rigby: The only way that you can get in trouble here is if you don’t do what we ask you to do.

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