FTN Bae Says Allegations Of What OTF Doodie Lo "Did" To Her SON Are TRUE, Then FALSE, & Now TRUE!

(Your opinion is needed on this--CALL IN!) Here we go again: it's step-daddy season! OTF Doodie Lo was accused of doing "something" a 5-year-old boy in October 2021 by an ex-girlfriend. After repeatedly denying the allegations, the Lil Durk affiliate claimed he was recently vindicated after passing a lie detector test. The ex-girlfriend Britney Elder, who goes by FTN Bae on Instagram, then issued a video publicly apologizing for making the accusations. Now, Elder says she was coerced into posting the clip and is using the viral money challenge to prove her point. On Friday (January 28), she shared a photo of herself laying next to the phrase, “Post Yo Test.” She added in the caption, “You doing all this talking & paperwork games but you still ain’t post your results? #proveit I never seen the results I was manipulated & threatened to make that stupid ass apology video.” CALL IN WITH YOUR PERSPECTIVE, IDEAS, AND OPINIONS ON THIS!

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