From Jim's employee to Jim's Mowing franchise owner! Full training review!

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Greg has been working with Jim's Mowing and Jim's Group in our media team and decided to give us the flick to start his own Jim's Mowing franchise! This is his video review of the full training experience.
To join Greg, call 131 546 or

Jim's Mowing is Australia's largest mowing and gardening franchise with more than 2,000 franchise owners located near you! It was established in 1989 by Jim Penman, and since then, it has become one of Australia's most well-known and loved brands.

All franchisees are fully-insured, police checked and backed by the Jim's workmanship guarantee.

This means that our franchisees always are accountable to head office in the event something goes wrong, unlike independent contractors.

Jim's Mowing is more than just mowing as well! We offer total garden solutions, including landscaping, pruning, hedging, rubbish removal, plus a lot more!

When you use Jim's Mowing you're supporting a local family business that is Australian owned.

Website -
Phone Number - 131 546
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