From Chaos to Clarity: How DDD Aggregates Can Transform Your Models

Even with the simplest domain model we can get into problems fairly fast and everything becomes chaotic. Fortunately, DDD aggregates are a good way to bring some clarity into your domain model. DDD aggregates represent a cluster of domain objects that we want to treat as a single unit. This ensures DDD aggregates become a boundary of consistency in our domain. In this vide I explain what DDD aggregates are, when they are useful and how to design them.
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1. Intro: 00:00
2. Initial setup: 00:52
3. Domain model chaos: 02:39
4. DDD Aggregates: 04:58
5. Implementing an Aggregate Root: 07:21
6. Encapsulating aggregate state: 09:57
7. Defining aggregate behavior: 11:43
8. Revisiting DDD aggregates: 15:29
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