Friday Feature Artist Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes is an artist, writer and lecturer whose training in fine art painting and photography is evident throughout her well-known work with textiles and mixed media.

Cas’s work comes from a place between the ‘what and the why’ of creation, between natural and urban environments, people and place, and flows from neither a solid idea, technique or desired outcome, but rather through a subliminal, intuitive and fluid process.

By responding to materials such as discarded cloth and papers, Cas’s work contains ‘a history’ and offers the viewer an instant feeling of intimate friendliness, as she magnifies the details of the often overlooked simplicity of daily life.

Cas’s work is often and perfectly described as ‘painting with cloth’ and ‘stitch sketching’. She is the author of several books for Batsford publications, including Stitch Stories in 2015, and most recently, Textile Landscapes: Painting with Cloth in 2018. Cas has received many awards for her work and recently completed a commission as part of the Gypsy Maker for an exhibition created by the Romani cultural and arts company supported by the Welsh Arts Council. Her work can be found in private and commercial collections all over the world, from London to New York and in Australia.
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