Free Job Interview Preparation tools & Questions on LinkedIn With On The Spot AI feedback!

Use this free job interview Artificial intelligence tool, which comes with interview questions related to your field and common questions on LinkedIn for the interview to practice.
Instant feedback by AI is an awesome feature by LinkedIn.
Get feedback by recording yourself or sending it to your trusted sources.

Book the session with the hiring manager, if you are struggling to get offers

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Few steps on interview.
Research on the company on their websites ( check below on how to research)

Check mission, values, community involvement, awards, etc.

Go to websites such as glassdoor or indeed to check interview platforms, salary range, benefits, and reviews

Maintain eye contact ( watch camera) move your hands, and smile throughout

Practice 15-20 examples based on a STAR model interview

Practice case studies and presentation skills, some companies will have a test on the spot

Record yourself to check on areas of opportunities, get feedback from your circle

How are your body language and facial expression?

Avoid filler words, such as hmm, um, ah, you know, like, etc.

Turn off or silence your phone

Why researching the company is extremely important?

If you want to know the culture and environment, find out with informational interviews. The interview is a two-way street. As much as employers are trying to identify the fit, you should do the same.

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