Frankenstrat Theories - Evolution of the stripes.

It's time to get into Eddies head! In my endless journey into understanding the many mysteries of Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstein guitar... I find myself coming up with theories that may never be answered. Why did he do the things that he did???? This keeps us all captivated.
This is my new series called "Frankenstrat theories" where I try to connect the dotes and answer some of these mysteries, and maybe create a few new ones.

How Eddie Van Halen Painted the Frankenstrat
Chip Kinman Interview
Jeff Paris Interview
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De Stijl art movement
De Stijl (album The White Stripes)
Michael Jackson's Thriller album
Beat it
Thriller TV series
Boris Karloff
Frankenstein (1931 movie)
Tim Hart,20/RIP-Tim-Hart,1315676
Eddie Van Halen sues Nike
Allan Holdsworth
Hartley Thompson amps
Walter "Cartoon" Olney VHND interview
The Dils
The Partridge Family sitcom.
Eruption: Conversations with Eddie Van Halen.
Guitar World article: The true origins and evolution of Eddie Van Halen's legendary Frankenstein guitar
Pasadena Star News - Police warn of curb painting scammers
Van Halen Frankenstrat/Frankenstein Replicas (Facebook page)
Van Halen gear timeline (The most detailed website on EVH guitars)
Travis Heying's photos
Jenny Lens
Bo Shannon photos on Flickr
Neil Zlozower photos
Kurt Deimer - Phil X (song Nieve)
Arcane pickups
KnE Guitars
Locke Custom Guitars
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