FOX 13 Investigates: Convicted of DUI, a private company told them to pay or lose their cars

Zara Hardman has been trying to make amends for her decision to drive drunk in 2018.

An interlock device, attached to the ignition switch on her car, allows her to drive from her home in Murray to her job in North Salt Lake.

“So, if I were to drink and blow into it, it wouldn’t start my vehicle,” Hardman explained.

When she needed an interlock in 2020, Hardman went to Utah’s list of certified providers. Eight companies are currently on the list, including the one Hardman chose – A1 Interlock in Sandy.

The business relationship ended with Hardman yelling to an A1 employee, “Get out of my car!”

Hardman says A1 threatened to send someone to her home to tow her car if she didn’t go to the company’s shop to make her account “compliant.” A company employee wouldn’t say more, Hardman said.

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