Four Reasons to Not Put Your Job Search on Extended Holiday


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Holiday mode is in full effect. You’re understandably excited about spending time with family and friends. So, what about your job search? Should you put it on holiday mode as well? After all, aren’t hiring managers also taking time off, hanging with family and friends, drinking eggnog, eating fruit cake, and ringing in the New Year like everyone else?


1. The Job Market is Cooling – Job seekers have enjoyed a robust selection of available jobs. But, with large tech companies like Twitter, Google, Amazon, etc., laying employees off, the 2023 job market could look a lot different. Continued talk of a recession, in addition, to a December 2, 2022 article, Nerd wallet acknowledges the gradual decline in the number of job openings, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

2. Get a jump on the competition – Fewer job openings mean increased competition. So, while everyone else is partying like it’s 1999, you can become career fit in 2023 with a couple of simple job search moves. So, update your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and your cover letter.

Employers sometimes leave job openings active until they make their selection decision. So, early applicants often have a better chance of being invited for an interview. Even if you wait until later this week…or the next, to apply to job openings, you’ll be queued and ready.

3. You could break into your field of interest – There are still reportedly not enough job seekers for the available job openings. Some employers have become more open to giving less experienced, eager candidates a chance to prove themselves in new areas of expertise. This could mean that now is your time to pursue that new opportunity you’ve been eying.

4. Increase Your Negotiation Power – The number of job openings may have decreased, but the same NerdWallet article, referenced above, says that wages are still increasing. So, if you want to get your piece of the salary increase pie, make a strong positive impression on potential employers. Share your job-related experience with them via a digital career portfolio that showcases your most-impressive career accomplishments and examples of your work.

Such tangible examples of your knowledge, skills, and abilities, will give you more negotiating power and hopefully get you the salary you’re seeking. A digital portfolio will also highlight your creativity and software skills.


Regardless of the seemingly gradual slow down of US jobs growth, great opportunities still exist for those looking to make a career move. So, as my mom says, “Strike while the iron is hot.” If you are a willing, qualified job seeker, do the work to get new-job-ready.

Dust off your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile and update them. Then, pull together examples of your best work. Use them to build your digital career portfolio and share your professional awesomeness with potential employers. You could land your dream job in 2023. So, let’s get to it.

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