#FoundersConnect: Interview with the co-CEOs of Printivo, Temitope Ekundayo and Ibukun Oloyede

Temitope Ekundayo and Ibukun Oloyede are the Co-CEOs of Printivo, a print-on-demand startup that enables small and medium enterprises to print items. Its core offering is its ability to help anyone, regardless of location or size, print items without the hassles of traditional solutions.

Temitope and Ibukun’s new responsibility as joint CEO is to significantly grow the business and help Printivo achieve more milestones in the coming years. 

Temitope has been part of — and has also led—  the company’s growth and innovation effort since its inception; on the other side of the sofa, Ibukun — besides co-founding the company —  has led and built the operational processes that continue to drive the daily affairs of the business.

In this video, Temitope and Ibukun talk about their personal backgrounds, their skillsets and roles at Printivo. They also share insights on the exciting future of Printivo.

Learn about what Printivo does here: https://printivo.com


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01:00 Introduction
01:59 Ibukun shares how the idea for Printivo was created and how he Co-founded with Oluyomi
09:50 Temitope shares how he joined Printivo
15:50 At what point did you move from being a scrappy start up to being well-put together?
20:07 Ibukun shares his business tech lesson in the last 8 years
23:11 Can you give context on why you both are CEOs and how you’re managing it?
27:16 Ibukun shares what people should expect from Printivo
30:20 Temitope shares their plans for a new tool
31:35 Temitope shares how he built and launched GetEquity
37:50 What’s your hack for being a Co-CEO and Co-Founder?
41:13 Doing so many things that you’ve done and building a new company that is entirely different, what would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far?
42:46 IBK shares his final words
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