For 30 years,old man smashed his iron head for being unbreakable

A sixty-year-old man has been smashing thing for thirty years with his iron-like skull, which is' o strong that it can break anything. Invincible ron-head (2018) movie explained in Hindi Jrdu. The Chinese thriller Drama-Comedy film Invincible Iron-head" story summarised with a full ending in et explanation.
The plot / synopsis is about a struggling 60-year-old elderly guy who has turned his hea into iron and is unaffected by anything. By hitting himself with iron rods, his brother also l hardened his body. They also have a loud-voiced sister as well who can disturb people at a distance.

Now, they are unemployed and as they age, less people are interested in them which make their abilities useless. "Iron Head" relocates in quest of employment since he is in debt, stressed, and weary of his life. Asking for a chance, he approaches the gang. Later the employer offe him a job collecting money from people who don't pay, and he accepts. From this point forward, the older gentleman makes the best use of his hard head, intelligence which make him possible to make good earning. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.

Images and footage Source: Chen Xiang
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