Food Shortages/Worker Shortages Update: Supply Chain Breaking! More Empty Shelves

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So here we your weekend update date on food shortages and more. Things have definitely not improved. They are really pushing the supply chain issues, worker shortages and food shortages in the media now.
In this update video I will cover all the new information and things I've seen in the past week. I like to spread the information I can find to hopefully help some of you out. Things are going to get a lot more crazy I have a feeling. We must stay vigilant. I am now seeing signs of people stocking up. I think we are also going to see as prices keep rising so will the theft. I can definitely see a spike if in food theft coming. Remember also we haven't even gotten into winter yet, there will be power outages, storms etc. that will play havoc with the food supply. Don't forget what happened in Texas last year with the ice storm. The Texas ice storm should have woken a lot of people up. More people need to wake up and see what's happening. Everyone stay safe!
Prep. Train. Survive.

Auto Part Shortages

Spice Shortage
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