Follow these 7 baby steps to make your job search easier - Job Search #1

Searching for jobs and staying sane at the same time was not my cup of tea but I did it. Consistency, focus, smart work and luck played a huge role in getting me here and today I want to showcase the world, my take on job search by taking these 7 baby steps. These have worked for me in the past and I hope these help you as well. Please comment below what has worked for you!!

Intro 0:00
The 7 baby steps are :
1. Debunk known myths and misconceptions 1:17
2. Resume (crisp and impactful) 2:48
3. LinkedIn profile 3:11
4. Networking 4:13
5. Creating a dream job description 5:47
6. Knowing your worth in the market 7:01
7. Quality over quantity (always) 7:50

Bonus tip - Share your learnings with me and your friends. May be it will inspire them and they might start looking at the world with new perspective. We are not alone, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!! Cheers

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