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FEDEX is trying to arm future cargo planes with lasers to prevent attacks. They understand the value of self defense. You should too...


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Do what the “smart money” does to protect lives: arm yourself

Have you heard this saying from the world of investing? “Do what the smart money does.” The idea is that, if you’re going to invest your hard-earned money, it makes sense to look at what “smart money” people are buying and selling.

The same concept applies to protecting lives. What do the “smart money” people do in that case? They arm themselves.

Why should you look at what the smart money does to protect lives? Well, I don’t know about you, but when it comes to protecting myself and my loved ones, I don’t want to guess about what works best. I want to know what the pros do. But there’s another reason. Once you look at what the smart money does, you see how hollow the anti-gun arguments are.

Try saying “Leave the guns to the professionals” to all the law-abiding Americans who have used firearms to protect themselves against criminals. Anti-gunners try to downplay defensive gun use. But last year, a Georgetown University political scientist named Bill English – I’ve talked about him before on this channel -- published the most comprehensive study of gun use ever. And you know what he found? That there are about 1.67 million cases of armed self-defense each year. So every single day, about 4,600 Americans DON’T become victims because they have a gun to defend themselves.

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