Focus on Getting into the Industry - a How-to Guide 9/30/21

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We all have something to offer but how do you get into the industry? We'll talk about techniques to pry open the doors.

Office Hours for Sept 29, 2021 - Office Hours 555
00:00 Intro
01:11 Last nights 'Conversations with Tony Mobley' used VDO Ninja for the first time. How was the experience compared to other shows?
04:48 Do gold plated connectors really make any difference?
06:42 Shipped an ATEM Mini Pro to Kyle H this week. He's having an issue where only 1 port (4) works for his BMPC. Works direct to monitors without issue. Ideas?
10:28 When testing multiple designation streaming to YouTube and using Default key, we seem to be frequently unable to start the stream. It shows black screen with excellent connection. Hitting key use limit?
14:01 On one of my Beelink PCs, the second HDMI output will recognize a monitor or emulator dongle but not the ATEM. Would a HDMI splitter work and can the panel recommend a specific brand/model.
16:53 What would be the best method for removing broadband air-conditioning noise from a client recording?
19:13 I’ve been asked to build a temporary green screen stage for 3 people. What’s the recommended size, materials (eg cloth or plywood) and best advise to do this?
24:28 Can we have a 2nd hour for the Zoomies who have to succumb at times to Teams.
27:31 During a production today I suddenly lost control of all the black magic 6k cameras attached to my Atem mini extreme. Has anyone see this behaviour and perhaps know of a fix?
28:43 CWTM, Low cost solution to keep eyes looking to at iPhone/camera and see panel/guest? Desk space limited
30:39 Why does image quality seem to look better than zoom on YouTube ?
31:47 Alex, you mentioned that design *teams* are common for building 'upper-level' broadcast graphics. Could you easily share graphics applications via Zoom/Teams/etc and work on the same file via Zoom's "remote control" feature?
32:55 A client wants to do a production but panelists can only use webex as a call in. Is there a way to switch between speaker view and gallery view quickly? What other “gotchas” should I be aware off? I’m so used to zoom’s flexibility.
33:54 Could Schy say more about what he’s been doing recently at Mad in the Kitchen?
35:01 Im new to live streaming with multiple remote guests. My current employer is asking how we could do IFB with each guest that are coming in via SRT. We use vMix which is limited on SRT outputs. How are others handling having IFB to multiple guests?
36:49 What are the reasons for selecting 24fps vs 23.98fps when shooting or rendering a video file?
38:39 Has anyone had a chance to work with Zoom Smart Gallery? Curious about the quality of output and any cropping issues. Thanks!
39:30 Just discovered a great podcast featuring Ken Burns talking about how he makes decisions to make his films. How do people consume podcasts now? "After all, history is “story” plus ‘hi.” - [link]
40:47 Might we have, or have we already had, a second hour with the creator of
41:20 What was shown in the Panasonic booth at Cinegear that we should know about?
42:42 How important is it to make testing your new tech a priority?
46:23 Does anyone have any experience with the "Official Comgrow Upgrade" version of the Creality 3 3D printer?
47:22 NDI, on Mac,.. Using Newtek Studio Monitor, record path set, click to record, no files written - anyone had this and have a solution?
MacMini Server 2012 / Yosemite (OS version fixed to us AJA raw recording application.
54:50 Could people who have experienced being on camera with IFB what’s the best way to become user to it and not let it derail you?

This is a multi-hour event. You can join the conversation as a panelist or attendee to get the deep-dive information you desire.

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