FMLA Step by Step Compliance

This webinar is designed to make that compliance easier to understand regardless of if it is a first line supervisor, manager or leave/benefits administrator or the employee. #FMLA

Participants will have an increased understanding of and be better able to assist in the areas of:

- Identifying covered employers
- General notice requirements
- Employee’s obligation to provide notice.
- Employee eligibility
- Rights and responsibilities notice.
- Qualifying reasons for FMLA leave.
- The certification processes.
- Military Family Leave
- Employer’s designation notice
- Rules for scheduling and taking FMLA leave.
- Calculating FMLA leave
- Substitution of paid leave
- Maintenance of benefits
- Restoration of employee/Right to Return to Work
- Record keeping requirements.
- Interaction with other Federal and State Laws and Employee Policies.
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