Flipping Houses as a Full-Time Father & Part-Time Agent

Whether you’re flipping houses, BRRRRing, or simply buying rentals, building relationships in real estate isn’t something you should do, but something you MUST do in order to succeed. As you establish more relationships within the industry, the job continues to get easier and today’s guest, Jay Simpson, is a prime example of that. With the help of his mentor, he has successfully flipped two houses and has already turned one into a rental property!

The primary reason Jay got into real estate is because he wanted the time to actively be a part of his daughter’s life, which is a freedom his W-2 didn’t allow. His ability to cultivate meaningful relationships is the reason he has been able to find so much success as an agent and investor. Jay heavily emphasizes the role his mentor has played in his real estate career, especially given how new he was to the industry, he needed someone to show him what the classroom couldn’t. His genuine nature got him his first sale, his first flip and a continued relationship with his loan officers.

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