Fired For Using Medicinal Cannabis: Australia’s First Federal Case

In this video we spoke Mitch Rice, a medicinal cannabis patient who has been fired from Queensland Rail for using medicinal cannabis and his lawyer Jeremy Rice, from Chamberlains Law Firm. This is the first medicinal cannabis and employee discrimination case to go to federal court.

This case could have far reaching impact on both employee rights and drug driving laws for medicinal cannabis patients.

While Chamberlains has taken on Mitch's case pro bono, Mitch needs to pay a barrister and expert witnesses for his case. He's set up a GoFundMe page to help with $100,000 of legal fees. To donate to Mitch's campaign, please visit: https://bit.ly/mc-employee-rights

0:07 | Case overview
1:00 | Why Mitch needs to use medicinal cannabis
1:50 | Queensland Rail drug testing process
2:27 | The key legal question: impairment not presence
3:30 | Why there is a strong case for the employee
4:20 | Why Mitch decided to take his case to court
5:15 | What happened on the first court date
6:28 | Why the case will cost $100,000
7:35 | Implications for patients if Mitch wins the case
9:46 | About the GoFundMe Campaign (https://bit.ly/mc-employee-rights)

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