Finding the God-Spot! Messages of Hope Podcast June 2 @ 2 PM Eastern

What if we could heal ourselves, become our OWN gurus, healers, and master teachers? We can activate two ultra high brainwave states that we all possess, healing our deepest pain and suffering, thereby reaching the “guru state” that is everyone’s birthright!
If, like me, you want to hear more from Cyndi, you can listen in to her hour long presentation with The Shift Network here: 5 Steps to Experience the Highest Levels of Consciousness for Healing Yourself & Others. To register, use this link:

Suzanne Giesemann is a retired U.S. Navy Commander who now serves humanity as a messenger of hope. She is an author and teacher of The Awakened Way—a mindful approach to living in awareness that we are not only human, but part of one interconnected web of higher consciousness. Find more about Suzanne and her mission at:

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