Finding Talent in the Digital Age: 3 Factors to Building Your Reputation as an Employer of Choice

Finding great talent isn’t possible by just using job boards anymore. We’re in an era where folks will choose to work for a company based on their reputation. In fact, almost half of Americans will look for a positive company culture before applying to the job. So what are they seeing when they scope your reputation online? In this 1-hour webinar, attendees will learn the three key factors that hurt talent recruitment efforts and how to fix them.

1. Discover the surprising reasons behind the talent shortage and why advertising on the job boards just won't cut it anymore.

2. Learn why culture is the foundation to all recruiting campaigns and how to identify the value of your culture.

3. How to move your company into proactive talent attraction using online reviews and social media.

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Thanks to JA Counter and the Alera Group for hosting this webinar.
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